We are blogging now!

I am working on getting this to our new website, and importing all of our contributers.

Demsforvictory.com will be a place on the internet that will do many things to aid in providing a source of:

  • News – For those of you that want to be on top of what the Republicans are doing to this country daily, For what is going on, and what we can do as a country to do better
  • Support – To support Obama and Democrats going on into the future.
  • Debate – A place for respectful debate, no mater what the issue is ie… Abortion, Guns, or Women Rights.
  • Feedback – Feedback will help us in the future, and it is important that you guys let me know what we can improve on going into the future.
  • Action – I plan on revealing more details later, but I want to support candidates, and causes that will benefit our country.

Well, here we go into the future, I do plan on making a short but, fair set of rules for everyone(including those who post stories), I want this to be a fun experience so, if you can in the comment section. tell me a little about yourself and have a nice week.

  • Tmstffrd.

P.S. Bare Bear with me as I mess around with the Blog =p
P.P.S. Thanks for being an awesome speller, Cat!