Republicanism: Screw The Poor, Reward The Rich

Thanks to Rep. Issa’s McCarthyism hearings on everything that goes on in the Obama Administration, we get to learn about the Benghazi  attacks on September 11th 2012. When Issa brings the fringe to his hearings they only make the man look desperate for more attention.

This is exactly why Republicans are on life support for national elections, and this is exactly the tactics they resort to try to fire up their base? The Tea Party has already started to backfire on the Republican Party, and shortly in 2014 if they don’t take the right path towards coming together to help create jobs the American voters will take them to the woodshed in 2014.

Instead of helping the needy in this country, the Republican Party would love nothing more then to destroy the economy, and blame it on President Obama. Why can’t they agree to create jobs in this country. It seems to me that they would rather suck their rich investors toe and not help the country. Remember those Death Panels Sarah Palin said would happen? They are, and they are called Republicans in Congress!


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