Why I, An Asian Man, Fight Anti-Black Racism

We must fight racism, bigotry, sexism and every form of hatred where ever it appears. At the moment it lives and breeds and is thriving within the American Republican Conservative movement, Im not saying that a majority of republicans are hate filled racially motivated bigots. However in today’s America, hate filled racially motivated bigots are Republicans.

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byScot Nakagawa

I ’m often asked why I’ve focused so much more on anti-black racism than on Asians over the years. Some suggest I suffer from internalized racism. That might well be true, since who doesn’t suffer from internalized racism?  I mean, even white people internalize racism. The difference is that white people’s internalized racism is against people of color, and it’s backed up by those who control societal institutions and capital. But some folk have more on their minds.  They say that focusing on black and white reinforces a false racial binary that marginalizes the experiences of non-black people of color. No argument here. But I also think that trying to mix things up by putting non-black people of color in the middle is a problem because there’s no “middle.”

So there’s most of my answer. I’m sure I do suffer from internalized racism, but I don’t think…

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